DJ Fresh

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Carlito’s Way
Feb 8, 2006
Yea, it's all business, if you have a few stacks you can do an album with Fresh. I'm not a big fan of his original beats but I'm a big 80s R&B/funk fan and he's sampled so much of that stuff, especially with J. Stalin who I think took the bulk of his best beats.

Yea he hasn't worked with any latinos that I'm aware of, if he did I would imagine it being someone from like H-Town or something like that, or maybe Berner (half mex) is more realistic.
I always thought DJ Fresh and J Stalin were a great Duo up until the most recent Real World West Oakland. I guess I’m just stuck in the past because I enjoy those old DJ Fresh 80’s funk sounds and a young, hungry, J Stalin spitting on the mic with shady Nate