Crazy ass shows as told by AD KAPONE of TOTALLY INSANE

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Apr 25, 2002
Ad Kapones words as written by Gabe

"The Sacramento Show"

Out of all the shows and the travelign weve done, I have some mainy stories about wild shows. One of my most memorable was Sacramento. It was Totally Insane, Cougnut and IMP, RBL, C-Bo and I think Mac Mall was there too. The promoter had rented us presidential suites at the Radisson I think, or the Embassy, I forget exactly what hotel it was. But the show was packed, we drove in from San Francisco in car loads, it was me, TC, Ten and our manager Tony Jackson aka T Peaks in our car. When we pulled up into the spot it was crowds of people. At the time our album was on the billboard chart, but I didnt know we were that popular. Security escorted us through the back door to a dressing room, there they had sodas, chicken, hennessy, TC's favorite Tangueray and my favorite, weed. It was a minute before we went on stage but the promoter kept telling us about a group of girls that was trying to get backstage to talk to us. He said one of them knew Ten and the other girl was her sister. Ten said "shit, let em in". When they walked in, everbody said "DAMN". It was hot as hell that night and they was damn sure dressed for the weather. They had on matching haulter tops and daisy dukes with they ass cheeks showing. They had high heel shoes on, both was thick to death and looked like they had a whole bottle of baby oil on them thick pretty ass legs. I couldnt stop smiling plus I was high off some good ass weed. Ten was like, "So whats up what plans yall got for tonight" and they was like "Shit, whatever yall wanna do, we kickin it with yall". Shit it was all good with me but it was only 2 of them so TC and Peaks was like "Shit, where yall friends at"? The girls was like "SHit, we dont kick it with broads, they too messy". By that time security came in and ask, do we know somebody named Black? We said "Yeah, thats our executive producer". He said "Oh, cause he got cars fulla niggas with him and I cant let all of them back here". I said "Yeah thats our EPA crew, just let them in up front by the stage". It was time for us to go on. When they announced our name the crowd went wild. We opened up with "Mack Game", then went into "No More Mr. Nice Guy", then "The Insane", "Cant Be Faded" and closed with "Kiss No Ass". The crowd was hyped for real. As we headed off stage and to the back, we holla'd at all the homies. The 2 chicks walked over and Cougnut said "Goddamn Insane, like THAT???". We jumped in the car and drove off, headed back to the room to shower and change clothes. It seemed like the whole concert followed us. Within minutes the hotel parking lot was crowded. We went to our rooms. We had 2 joined suites with the door that seperated the 2, me and Peaks hadone and TC and Ten had the other. The girls walked into the room and was jockin how tight the room was. The girl I was with noticed the jacuzzi in the bathroom and told her sister girl "ou see the jacuzzi??". Thats when the light went off in my head "Shit, fill it up". She did, by that time Manny and the rest of the crew came and people were just walking around drinking, smoking and chilling. I had pulled off my wet clothes and had on my boxers and a basketball jersey. Baby was in the bathroom combing her hair in the mirror while me, Manny and my boys Buscuit and Trav was smokin a blunt. I said "fuck it" and jumped in the jacuzzi with my clothes on. I guess baby said "fuck it too" cause she stripped down to her thong and jumped in too. Body was flawless, my patnas looked at her and started takin off they shit too, my patna Trav had on the leopard bakini drawz on ( sorry Trav, I know he gon be mad I said that ). Baby was in the jacuzzi dancing for me but once she saw the homies comin out they clothes, she got nervous and said "hell naw, Im only fuckin with Ad". I could see my homies gettin frustrated so I told them "Look rogue, step outside, lemme talk to her, Im gonna let yall back in". As soon as they stepped out, I locked the door and handled my business. Hey Im sorry. You can call me a hater, a Capt Save A Hoe or whatever but what would you have done? Plus you shouldve seen this fine ass muthafucka. Anyway, there was a knock on the door, followed by a whole lot of confusion. One dude yelled "Theres a fight in the parking lot". So I got dressed and ran out there, come to find out there wasnt a fight. My patna had slapped some girl so hard for talking shit to him that she slid accross the hood of her car and one of her friends ran to the front deck and called the police. Cars, dudes and girls were scattering like cockroaches when the light came on. We jumped in our car and went to Denny's and got something to eat and drop our girls off. When we got back it looked like somebody killed the President. The police was comin out of our room, one of them was holdin a 9mm in they hand and asked to speak to the group "Totally Insane". One detective sat us down and was interagating us about the gun. We all stuck to our story and the cops were getting frustrated. All of the sudden the phone rang. The detective answered the phone and said "hello". I could hear a voice on the other end yelling in excitement, the police was saying "uh huh, calm down, ok, who? ok, ill tell him". We started looking at each other and getting nervous. I told Ten "Oh shit, one of these muthafuckas done killed somebody and their gonna blame it on Totally Insane". The detective hung up the phone and started laughing. He said some guy named Cougnut just called and said "Tell TC and them this bitch just got naked and put the whole Miller's bottle in her pussy". So after an hour investigation at 3 o'clock in the morning, the Sac police escorted us to the freeway and told us "Totally Insane is not allowed in Sac ever again". So were riding down Highway 99, tired as hell. I leaned my head to my door, Im in the back passanger side. TC is in the back with me, Ten is in the passenger and Peaks is driving. I nodded to sleep but was awaken by a swishing noise on the right side of the car. When I look up and to the right I see the window down and nothin but bushes. I looked at Ten and his head was leaned snorin, I looked at Peaks and he behind the wheel foot still on the gas, head leaned, snorin. I yelled "PEAKS!!". Everybody woke up and screamed at the same time because a big ass truck was coming straight at us. This is just one, theres plenty more.

One love AD KAPONE!!!!
May 31, 2006
The crowd was hyped for real. As we headed off stage and to the back, we holla'd at all the homies. The 2 chicks walked over and Cougnut said "Goddamn Insane, like THAT???".
ahhhhh shit man.. i never met him but i duno why that got me right there.

sounds like good times tho, thanks for bumpin this. those sound like the days right there haha..
Nov 15, 2005
Damn, that's some shit. Thanks 4 sharin'. I just met Ad not 2 long aGO. I bought his new maxi-single off him. He was with Chunk 2. GOod people.