Cookie Money??

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Dec 19, 2005
anyone up on Cookie Money? i seen him fuckin with Philthy. but that track they had together was ass..

this preview is better though... looks like he got money into his music, so the sound should be good.


Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
he aint as bad as some of yall are sayin, but not hella dope or nothin
obviously got his money up for what thats worth or someone behind em with they money up

those hoodies are tight, i think his logos dope
if dude took his rapping a little more serious and really start writing he could be coo
maybe he been busy grindin and not rappin fuck if i know

i heard of dude prolly a year ago but i didnt think he was really too tight
ill check for it later in time
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