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Jun 27, 2002

Follow up on community complaints of heavy foot traffic in and out of the New Beginnings Spa possibly related to prostutition activity. I contacted SVU, Special Victim Unit, Ofc.Bermudez. He was instramental in putting together an operation which included undercover officers. As a result of this operation, a search warrant was excuted and arrests were made for Soliciting Prostitution, Keeping a house of Ill Fame,and Possession of Controlled Substance. Also recovered were suspected narcotics. Due to the arrests, there will be a public hearing Thursday, February 23,2006 to determine whether or not the establishment application should be denied. It will be at 6:30pm One Frank Ogawa Plaza,Hearing Room 4

Places we are currently getting calls about - New Items are bolded

8X 3800 Latimer Pl. Calvin Davins and his girlfriend are dealing drugs nearby. 2nd call about 2SIU688 dealing. 3rd call about MW selling from a white Ford Escort # 3TJK 681. 4th call, Garret is also involved with Calvin Davis and the Ford Escort

8X 418 38th St. People smoking crack in the yard.

8X 3768 Ruby St - "Sonny" selling from inside - Burgundy sedan involved.

8X 3824 Webster - Hiding drugs in back yard of vacant house

9X 127 Bayo Vista #306 - Drug activity?

10X 54 & Lowell with nexus to 956 and 957 54th St., heavy from 4-7pm

10X 962 54th St. Drug dealing at the corner

10X 5501 Gaskill - Michael "Doobey" Ford is selling IFO

10X 5509 Gaskill - FB 18-20 involved in drug activity there

10X 5600 BLK Gaskill - Heavy dealing from 4-8 pm.

10X 5600 Gaskill - Antwoine Adgers PFN # BCH 665 dealing at 55/56 & Gaskill

10X 1006 56th Street

10X 1051 56th St - Drug activity IFO this house

10X 5938 Vallejo St - Drug activity in the rear cottage.

10X 894 Arlington Avenue

10X 975 Arlington Avenue - 3 MB selling in the street

10X Arlington & Los Angeles - Dealing from noon to 4pm - sometimes later

10X 865 59th St - Young MBs are dealing drugs while acting like they are repairing cars

10X 1000 BLK 62nd St

10X 6300 BLK Idaho St - Guy in white t-shirt and "curls" selling on the block.

10X 6445 Essex St - Lots of suspicious foot traffic

10X 1000 BLK 62nd St

10X 1206 62nd St - Selling in a shack out back

10X 1015 63rd St

10X 1037 63rd St - Drug dealer lives with mom/sells in the block

10X 1035 63rd St - Heavy dealing on the street by young guys- tenant upstairs (Yasmin)involved - nexus to OHA at 1039 63rd St. Using a white van in the area

10X 1061-1065 63rd St - Drug dealing IFO

10X 1081 67th St

10X 6628 Helen Ct. Sandra in #A is involved

10Y 650 BLK 43rd St.

10Y 725 44th St - "Q" is selling marijuana and cough syrup

10Y 4400 BLK Market A white van # 1MOL 617 involved in drug activity on 44-46 in the afternoons

10Y 4600 Linden St. 0 MB 35 6'bald, dealing drugs at corner

10Y 842 53rd St - Drugs sold out of lower, rear apartment by Terry/Allen. Connected to other address (845 53rd) where drugs are sold from the porch.

10Y 884 57th St 2 MB dealing drugs here

10Y 868 61st St. Mike and McCant are involved in drug activity here. Lots of foot traffic

10Y 880 61st St - Andre and Rodney dealing drugs?

10Y 5417 Market St - Rear Unit

10Y 5619 Market St., #A - Lawrence dealing from #A

10Y 5628 Adeline St. Drug activity in the parking lot

10Y 5931 Herzog St - Drugs & prostitution

10Y 6037 Occidental St - Drugs being stashed in bushes next to commericail building.

10Y 4514 Linden St

11X Dover & 53rd

11X Dover & 62nd St. Increased drug activity in the area

11X 666 53rd St - Drug activity picking up at OHA property

11X 678 53rd St - Drug activity involving a white Olds Cutlass, #4 EOP 769.

11X 54 & MLK Way - 3 MBs are storing money or drugs in a blue/tan station wagon #4 AGZ 400

11X 747 54th St - Dealing on block associated with brown S/W # 1 R09071

11X 5643 Telegraph Ave - Men and women dealing drugs day and night

11X 647 57th St - Chappellee and friends are smoking weed

11X 55th & Shattuck - Young kids dealing drugs while pretending to wait for the bus

11X 59 & Shattuck - Drug dealing nexus to Klipper's Barber shop

11X 5936 MacCall - Dion Overstreet stashing drugs in backyard

11X 588 59th St - Drug dealing in the rear of apartment building.

11X 661 61st St - Young MBs dealing here