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Apr 25, 2002
It was C-FRESH if he use to live in Sacramento,unless it was an IMPOSTER DOUBT THAT.We recorded that shit way before coug died so it wasn't his last recording.The C_FRESH i know use to live in the same apartments as me in NORWOOD AVE.Called the SMOKETREE APTS(Or maybe his G.F Did cuzz he was always there).If C-FRESH never lived there then it's not the same C-FRESH.Even though i know he's a bay nataive from what he told me he use to live in the bay but now stayed in SAC !When Coug use to come down he would come record at the studio i worked at and named HiTWORKS which was the title of my first album.As many know me and Cougnut recorded more than a couple trax together so maybe C-FRESH will spark light when u explain the studio off of C Street downtown Sac and SMOKETREE explain this to him and still no luck,then daaam looks like a track that is forever lost and is a shame because of our lost to COUGNUT THE BAY OG VET AND ONE OF PACS FAVORITE RAPPERS FROM THE BAY !
Ever find the track Assassin?