Bigbosstalk stop with the lies....

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May 13, 2002
illmannered666 said:
^shit, all I have going is a concert with Hoodstarz, Pacific Division, ADR, Mars, Malice and myself up in CLEAR FUCKIN LAKE lol.

Clear Lake is classic, the funny thing is usually tons of people show up and they are so methed out, they love anything you play haha.

disclaimer - not everyone in lake county is on meth. maybe only 95% of the population.
LMAO! Truest shit ever! I gotta drive through lake county to get to my parent's house and that place is Meth City, USA. When is this concert gonna be, and where in CLearlake?
Dec 4, 2006
Clear Lake..I been there once....just to fuck a bitch and never went back to that place....i remember they had no liquor stores..a 7 11 ...i had to drive through the mountains...wasted gas $$....went to some wack ass BBQ boy ended up knocking out some wannabe norteno out there..we left with the hoes..they took us to some cuts...they got fucked up ...dropped them back to the bay around 5-6am...and never went back to clear lake after that...
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