Bigbosstalk stop with the lies....

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Nov 4, 2005
It's one thing to spam, but when u spam with ficticious stories it's stupid.

BTW. if u really have the iphone how do u switch it to the ipod menu. ( u deleted the other thread when u saw this question)

DJ Mark 7
Jul 18, 1977
here's a couple tidbits for Bobby the Spectacular:


"Well, what if we raid the stockroom the night before, we'll end up with a bunch of iPhones right? Wrong. Apple's cleverness was revealed when they announced the 6:00PM release time to make sure stores would have just got shipments, and couldn't sell them earlier. Are we putting all our faith in FedEx? Everything appears so as FedEx will be shipped the iPhones on Tuesday, or Wednesday, and the iPhones will sit in FedEx local sort facilities and hubs until Friday, where they will then be delivered."

Or this one from

"Awaiting the freight at each location on Sunday were armed personnel, who were reportedly hired by Apple through its courier's ground handling agent and then cleared by the Transportation Security Administration. Armed guards are extremely unusual for freight coming out of the Asian sector, those familiar with the matter explained, and are typically reserved for shipments containing riches such as gold and diamonds.

Once on the ground, the iPhone shipments were to be broken down under the watch of the armed personnel, who would then observe the loading of the freight onto ground vehicles and become party to its transportation outbound."

But yet it seems that Steve Jobs made a special one-of-a-kind CDMA iPhone for Bobby from Skaffers to use on Sprint....GTFO man seriously

The phone hasn't been out in LA, NY or fuckin MARS for that matter...A handful of developers and CEOs have it at this point and THATS IT. No one is being a "hater" as u call it. YOU DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!


Sicc OG
Jul 21, 2002
Quit hatin on big ballin ass bobby big boss talkin ass got it on lockin ass pop lockin ass boss talk you beezies. lol make you wonder what other big whale tales hes told yall over his siccness run
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