Best TACO truck in VALLEJO??

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Dec 7, 2005
the 1 on sonoma a few blocks from nations is alright, and the other 1 further down, near carls jr and shit is decent too
Feb 15, 2003
the one in the parking lot across from Mervyns on sonoma blvd is pretty good.. the one off georgia and wallace i think was nasty tho and fucked up my order, its right there by a lil mexican pool hall or some shit... i also ate at one next to a lil gas station that was on broadway i think that was hella good.. im from modesto and we got a gang of taco trucks but in vallejo they got the super burrito for like 7-8 bucks thats like a foot and a half long.,two tortillas together..,, im'a have to fuck with the one on springs tho next time...
Oct 16, 2006
I used 2 fuck wit tha 1 on springs all day, but 4 sum reason just stopped... the one in the Yard Birds p[arkin' lot is coo... What y'all know 'bout tha one off of Laurel around the corner from Magazine? Where Las Palmitas used 2 be. That shit is bomb-as fuck


Sicc OG
Dec 19, 2002
Taco jalisco is the best... the green sauce is off the hook
I llove Jaliscos my dad used to take me there when I was a kid all the time it has been hit or miss lately though but still better than most taco trucks. And that one across from Carls Jr is weak but the burritos are huge.

Dana Dane

RIP Vallejo Kid
May 3, 2002
Different trucks are good for different things...

If I want a torta, I go to the one on Springs.
If I want a burrito, I got to Jalisco's. (restaurant is better than the truck, IMO)
If I want some bomb ass nachos, I got to the one on Broadway near Maher's Market.

My old roommate got one of the 2 foot long burritos from the spot by the mexican pool hall, and it had a fuckin CLAW in it. I saw it with my own eyes. It was a 'steak' burrito, but I never saw a cow have claws.......gross!!

And I can't stand the one by the old yardbirds...their steak tastes like pot roast.

The best truck in town though is right across the Mare Island Bridge, on mare island, but they are kind of expensive. I eat there for lunch a lot!