Best Bay Area rap album ever

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May 23, 2014
WA state
Young D Boyz- Straight Game
Magic Mike- Old Game With A New Twist
Closed Caption- Greens
Lil Ric- Wicked Streets
Funxsouljaz- Neva Walk Alone
Young Dru- Flame Spitter
CIN- Richmond Roulette
Potna Deuce- Heron Soup
Lex A.D.- Silenced By The Greed
NBG- The City That Killz
Jacka- The Jack Artist
Ray Luv- Forever Hustlin
51.50- Crazy Has Struck Again
May 23, 2014
WA state
EZSD- Game To Be Sold
Skip Dog- 1st The Money Then The Power
Lil Jazz- Game 4 U Suckaz
BOM- Reala Ride
Master P- The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me
Tha Grope 1- Mission Complete
Young Pone- Ready Fo Whateva
Dre Mo- Watch Ya Back
Black Dynasty- Deep East Oakland
MC Man- 500 Years
BSA- Barrio Funk
Cydal- Cydalways
Chilee Powah- Way Too Real
Chilee Powdah- Richmentality
Mafiosos- Fo Tha Money
707 Hustlers- Movin Weight
Ag Cubano- Six50
11/5- A1 Yola
May 23, 2014
WA state
Black Rhino- Paper Route
A.M.W.- This Is The Mobb
Chunk- Break Em Off A Chunk
51.50- Awol Missing In Action
Cell Block Compilation- Volume 1
Assassin- Hitworks
Assassin- Born And Raised In The Bay
Cool E - Funk Fo Life
187 Fac- Fac Not Fiction
Prophets Of Rage- No More Patients
El Kaye- Money Makin Recipe
ll Manish- Anything Goez
2 Of The Crew- Dankaristic Pimpshit
Lil Ric- Deep N Tha Game
STN- Game Stress