Berner gets interviewed by Snoop Dogg

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Sicc OG
Mar 15, 2011
Like he pretty much said in the freestyle, it ain't his thing. I would b nervous to. Never heard So~Cal indo was better than Nor~Cal's, but hopefully I'll get to do some club hopping down there sometime
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May 21, 2002
reo @reo I hear you too but Nor Cal definately has the best weed with so cal at number 2 , when I use to be out there more they were always jocking my bag like damn this shit here indoor or outdoor the best weed is up north. And I fuck with cookies but for myself I fuck with it all cuz I build up a tolerance to one strain fast right now I got cookies blue dream plat cookies kens GDP kens phantom Tahoe OG cherry pie Sour Patch Kids chemdawg chemband grape ape and some mo shit

Strong roots keep you grounded
Props: reo

Gas One

May 24, 2006
Downtown, Pittsburg. Southeast Dago.
or that LA is even close to Nor Cal weed in terms of quality
as someone who lived all his life in southern cali and now resides in northern cali, the weed is as good quality wise in southern cali as it is in northern cali. now that theres medical marijuana shops the level of quality is equivalent all across the state.

weed is cheaper in the bay, thats about it

im almost willing to wager that the OG in southern cali (which is all people smoke in southern cali, people in norhtern cali are more open to different strains) is better than northern CA.

and they dont get it from northern cali, theres a place called San Fernando Valley that produces almost 3/4ths of the OG in So.Cali

for instance, there was a green door in southern cali, green door in northern cali. same shit
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