Been a while I know.....

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Super Moderator
Apr 24, 2002
What's been good nothing but love for ya and glad to see going good for you man

You was one of the first cats to keep it real with me on some music shit and we became folks on another level. I'm glad to see things lookin better for you fam....cause 2008-2009 was a cold year for a lotta folks.

But thats still 10 years after we built this siccness shit....and this is the muthafucka thanks we get?

Shit you been the homie since going way back.

And I still bump tracks from compression sessions in my shuffle daily.

"Make it out" Was always my favorite track, I could kill a 5th to that shit on repeat, no lie blood.

Same shit I told the homie Moe, ya'lls music got me through some dark times and that shit was therapuetic....ya'll's gift helped me get through some deep shit.

Keep at them endeavors love



awwriiite...thats sshapp brah.....
i sometimes forget that some people really liked my music
and wanted me to do so much more,
and more to get it out there.....
music is coo, but im 36 my dood.....
when my bank account and financial life are the way i want em to again,
maybe i can go back to my HOBBY of music
(SICCNESS rappers, heres a lesson:
if youre not MAKING MONEY with your "record label" its a hobby)......

yeah, you would think they'd see "Join Date: April 2002"
and "Super Moderator" under my name
and they might have an idea to show some respect,
especially when i came in here on sum coo, respectful shit myself....
somethings change, some stay the same:
there was always your occasional super disrespectful character
here and there (trolling or not)....
from what ive seen the past few years
when i check in is just an abundance of idiots....

did u ever get my reply to your text a while ago?


Super Moderator
Apr 24, 2002
HERESY @HERESY sshapp my dood!
making sure my my past missteps are leapfrogs where i was before.......
kills my heart the REAL version of KARMA ft YOUNG MOE on your beat
is lost to my unfortunate archives....i know i sent it to you...
if you or anyone has a copy of it please give me a copy...
put that bitch on a milk carton.....


Super Moderator
Apr 24, 2002
What's up O.G. MuthaFuckN' Gate Won? Much respect brotha!
No doubt!
If you're wondering why I haven't been online
for gta but every blue moon (besides being busy)....
I don't have internet right now.....
been using a phone hotspot.
Supposed to get it back soon.
when I do, I might come fuck with you,
but I got a ps4 hurry up and upgrade!

Hell yeah! Thanks!
Haven't heard the real version in years now.
Still doing your thing on the boards?