Been a while I know.....

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Apr 24, 2002
S @suspect#1 like I said: ups n downs.
Good and bad. Just like everybody's life.
Deep Compression Sessions was finished,
never released. If anybody was ever checking for it.
Not really doing music these days.
Got folks tryna get me to do new shit,
or @ least release the old album unmixed, unmastered.
Got my head in allot of other lucrative endeavors besides music.

Aye, if any of yall have changed your names
in the past few years...lemme know the old one.
Apr 11, 2008
What's been good nothing but love for ya and glad to see going good for you man

You was one of the first cats to keep it real with me on some music shit and we became folks on another level. I'm glad to see things lookin better for you fam....cause 2008-2009 was a cold year for a lotta folks.

But thats still 10 years after we built this siccness shit....and this is the muthafucka thanks we get?

Shit you been the homie since going way back.

And I still bump tracks from compression sessions in my shuffle daily.

"Make it out" Was always my favorite track, I could kill a 5th to that shit on repeat, no lie blood.

Same shit I told the homie Moe, ya'lls music got me through some dark times and that shit was therapuetic....ya'll's gift helped me get through some deep shit.

Keep at them endeavors love