Bavgate Official Thread

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Apr 25, 2002
I listen to him but...

I don't go around telling folks to "pick it the new BAVGATE". I have both of his solo albums and there's nothing great about them but BAVGATE can make some tight cuts when he wants to. You just have to listen to him more for the rawness and humor he brings on the mic. Most of the time he's just talking sh*t!!! His group albums are a whole lot better but STEADY MOBBIN are more street niggaz who got on the mic than rappers who know about the streets ya feel me?
Apr 25, 2002
that verse on JT the Bigga Figgas - thug in me was fire

bavgate and im on one/
bullshit now im ready for the showdown/
how many these niggas gonna fold now/
oakland lil daddy ima hold it down/
im the king with the fuckin crown/
and my nigga sosa/
hel lay a mufucka down/
and we represent the same muthafuckin hood/
ghost town you can read about it in the tribune now/
i told my momma ima put the guns down/
but im back with the niggas in the hood and the feds know it/
so they watchin us/
cuz they wanna catch bavgate in a drug bust/
player hatin niggas wanna bury us/
cuz them dime piece bitches wanna marry us/
cuz they love what a thug does/
but we dont fuck with no butsas/
fuck a muthafuckin hoe trusta its the thug in me

that is my fav bavgate verse but maybe its cuz the beat was so sick and everyone got off on that song