back 2 flippin skriptz on the Siccness

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Sicc OG
Jul 3, 2002
2 sick 2 be fucked with I buck quick Aimin' one at cho brain It's 2 hard 2 maintain a stable mind on detane So I gets away clean and always manage 2 stack my green rollin' through the night, top down blowin' out that dosia steam, Been smokin' on cocaine blunts 4 tha past six months and bustin' off these tounge twistin' stunts, Bumpin' slumps playin wit pumps erupts us 2 dump, pick up the fumble ya betta run foo wit me right behind you commin' at chu' like a wild bull, proto-type AK4t7 be my number one major murder tool, It's efficent that it be blowin' big thick clouds of smoke like a swisha, You'll smell the stench from the burnin' gun powder commin' from the metal chamber, Wakin' up your neighbors when your brain bursts, Rollin' up 4 deep in a plush suburban I switch on burst and I gotta killa thirst 2 serve muthafuckaz 2 the curb, pervin', swervin' off the burban and burnin' takin' our terns wit that sherm I'm murder determined and certain it's about 2 be the end of your flossin' term, When I got a firm grip and a limp from the mosberg pump by my dick, Sykopathik off the sherm stick, I'mana erupt-rip up-and trip-and-dump-and watch-yo-brain-split, commin' at me all drastik ya get cha ass kicked in the two-O-six