anyone feelin that pretty ricky song???

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Sicc OG
Apr 25, 2002
  • Ry


I got to be honest, im feeling it as well. Its pretty tight for a radio-pop kinda song.


not nolettuce
Jun 5, 2002
at the welfare mall
MeloTrauma said:
It boggles my mind how some people like some of this bullshit.
Yup. I try not to knock peoples taste in music or songs they like because I am sure their is music I like that others don't. But man that song is lame as fuck....and they play it all the fuckin time. It isn't one of those songs I thought was cool at first and then it got played the fuck out like some cutz. I remember the first time I heard it which wasn't long ago. I dont listen to the radio unless its a rock station and I only watch MTV for like Viva La Bam and WildBoyz. But I was chillin at this girls house like 2 weeks ago and she had MTV on. The song came on and "I was like what the fuck is this crap"....right when I am thinking this she walks in and is like "I love this fuckin song...its my cut"...I started laughin my ass off. And I have been kicking it with her alot since then and man that song is always on MTV,MTV2,BET and just about every R/B,Hip-Hop,Pop station there is...Anyways I am drunk and I am babbling :cheeky:....

But yeah IMO that song is garbage...but if ya like it thats cool.