Andre Nickatina Interview on Music Central, 2000 (Promoting The Daiquiri Factory)

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Hood Rat Matt

aka Goodfella (since '02)
Oct 19, 2009
East Oakland (Hills)
Sorry if ya'll missed it, the OG homie Dre asked me to take em down.
is he peeping the siccness like that?

when that Thizzler interview came out, I was really hoping they were going to ask him about the time that big guy threw a sweaty shirt in his face and Dre came off the stage and knocked his ass out cold. They kept asking him about how songs were made and he wouldn't give them anything lol
Props: thizztapher
Apr 12, 2003
I remember that episode, I think I still have it on tape, is that the one where dre mentions something about record companies having all this food out for you to eat but they charge for the food? I think he says apple right?