9/25/04 RIP FC ENE

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Jun 10, 2004
Just wanted to say RIP and descansas en paz, it will be 1 year since your passing on September 25, 2005. No te preocupes los carnales ya lo hacieron el jale. Man its been so ruff and tuff pero you finally out this hell hole.

Nov 27, 2002
Damn one year already,be firme to have a pic to put with the homies name alot of us older homies who chatted with fussy grew to respect him not only as a homie with knowledge but a koo brotha from what i knew of him threw talking an chatting.
much luv an RIP
Feb 21, 2004
its been like a year since i recently started checkin thizz forum out again and i had no clue what had happened to da homeboy! i been lookin 4 his posts any where to see what he had to say! he seemed like a SOLID AZZ HOMEBOY . i didnt know him or ever talk to him but it saddens me to here the vato has passed on. MAY HE REST IN PEACE. any one with info on how he passed could yall pleaze fill me in