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    To Pimp A Butterfly

    This might be the best album in years and I don't see a thread. Has this place fell off that bad?
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    2 "new" leaked Pac diss songs

    stole these from another board but they got released today 2Pac - NY87 (feat. DJ Quik, Tha Dogg Pound, Deadly Threat) (Dissin Biggie, Jeru, A Tribe Called Quest, New York and so on) 2Pac - Watch Yo Mouth (OG version) (Dissin Nas, De La Soul, Biggie, Puffy...
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    VIDEO: Strong Arm Steady Marsha Ambrosious Darkness Falls
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    Shows in SD(Oct 6-26)

    I'm finally coming back to Dago for a few weeks(moved to Japan last year) and want to catch some shows...any artists or fans wanna put me up on the who when and where thats gonna be goin on in October also I wanna get some SD music while I'm in town what are the spots or who has the best hand...
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    Is Murs doing a show down here this week?

    I ran into him downtown this afternoon anybody know I'd like to see dude perform if hes down here
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    Classic West Coast..Snoop performs on Arsenio this shis dope...I remember watching this as a younngster(by youngster i mean like 16 or so)
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    MTV Jams playing all old west coast

    They throw in a new shitty club vide every now and then but Felli Fel is hosting all week they playing videos i've never seen before(dj quik way 2 fonky, warren g so many ways) peep it if yall got it
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    Dago makes the top 10 safest city

    Dont really have shit to do with hip hop but I always find these things interesting Morgan Quinto's ranking of Safest and Most Dangerous Cities Lawrence, KS—After years of waiting, Brick, New Jersey at last has claimed the title as...
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    What's IRocc up to these days...

    havent heard anything from that camp in a minute
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    Game concert only lasted 30 mins

    This nigga was on stage for a half hour...G Malone's opening act performance was just as long....I should have went to Too $hort
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    Game or Too $hort...any locals opening?

    Next weekend Game and Too $hort are both performing downtown for pretty much the same price...I've seen $hort in concert a bunch of times but never seen Game...Not sure which one Ill hit though...I was wondering if any local artists are opening for either show
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    Game could go Gold first week(soundscan estimates inside)

    This is from which is the website that gives out soundscan THE GAME IS ON, AKON SMACKDOWN LOOMS Geffen Rapper Is Doctoring the Charts at #1, Akon vs. Now 23 for #2 November 15, 2006 This time, he’s on a new label and going without Dr. Dre or 50 Cent, but The Game’s...
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    98.9 is done...

    Word is everybody got fired today. And the website is under construction. Looks like a format change is coming...this is ASS it was the only good station in town
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    Wallnutz needs your help...

    My little cousin is up for prep pigskin play of the week and he needs the votes yall VOTE JONATHAN WALKER Thanks homies
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    This nigga Game is going out like a bitch against 50...

    Well any respect i had for this dude is gone.... The G-Unot campaign may very well be over. That is, if 50 Cent accepts the Game's request that the two once-affiliated rappers end their ongoing beef. During an interview in New York yesterday (Sept...