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    Looking for DOA cassettes and CDs!!

    got it. thanks
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    seriously?? damn i never knew that. still good to hear the songs though.
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    yeah it's funny how those BHP and BMW tapes popped up recently, cuz i never heard them mentioned once before. i was also wondering about that Big Rat. wasn't it called "Pussy Bustin Gangsta" or was that someone else. or was it called "Real Nigga Killa"? didn't know about another DTE or Spookie...
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    mr. sippy, have you ever heard of Midwest Gangstas "Party In The Projects" from Denver? i've been wanting to see that for a long time. it was on some Denver cds/tapes list site years back. i think it was Tha Locsta's site.
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    1995 N.A.P Out Hustlin Video Suge Knight shot the video

    thanks. never knew they had a video for this. that's a classic EP
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    looking for info on these N.O. rappers/groups

    this forum's kinda dead, but it's worth a try. hopefully Lambo, Lokee, or westbank will be ale to help. 1. Devastating Twins was a female group i think. does anyone know what releases they came out with? Bottom Posse disses them on their 1st album. 2. does anyone know if West Side Players or...
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    sup westbank? i tried to send you a PM but you're PM box is full.
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    Top Authority demo cassette

    by the looks of that, that must be the "93" single. never seen that cover before though.
  9. Untouchable211

    Top Authority demo cassette

    when did it come out Mixerr?
  10. Untouchable211

    The Dayton Family feuds/beefs

    Mentally Dasturbed dissed Jake The Flake (who was Dayton Family affiliated) with a song called "Fuck Goin Legit". i can't remember if they dissed Dayton Family too or not.
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    r8r & L-wood

    yeah definately. classic stuff. @ THE MAYOR - thanks man.
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    r8r & L-wood

    what happened to r8r and L-wood? haven't seem them on the boards in a while. i'm trying to get those old bay history mixes that r8r put up on this site a few years back. i had them all but lost them when my computer fucked up. is there anybody on here that can up any of these. i'm talkin about...
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    Bone Skanless tapes?

    oh i know what it is now ThaG. that's the only song on side B of his 1st tape "Off The Streets Of Saginaw" when he went under the name Homiside.
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    Bone Skanless tapes?

    i've heard of his 1st tape when he went under the name Homiside, and also that Skanless Family present That Nigga Bone, but what's that Living Haunted?
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    One Time Mobb/187 Mob

    does anyone know if these 2 groups put out any tapes? i'm thinking they probably did, but just local. i've seen their names a couple times in the booklets/shout outs in old sfc tapes from around 92-93. i think RBL mentions them, and a few other people. anyone have info? thanks