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    TWISTA and BONE are making an album together

    With Tech's connections to both camps, I think some Tech features would be needed. Def.
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    Chamillionaire Maturing! Grown man shit

    No profanity on the new one. What mainstream artist is doing that now? Those who criticize hip-hop need to start looking at artists like Cham. Think again.:cool:
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    4 killed in Kansas City violence

    If you get national news updates (which I do via cnn) It's kinda crazy to see some national news coming from my backyard. I know it's just national because of the VT thang, but still. It ultimately highlights this nation's highly dangerous, unstable gun culture. That's what scares me.
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    OT: just had another one...

    Great news. Congratulations.
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    OT: What's wrong with hip-hop...

    my personal opinion... This Jesus Christ this is disturbing.
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    Pimp Killa Thug If his music's anything like his name, then remind me to avoid him like the plague.
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    OT: just had another one...

    Congratulations. He's pretty tiny, huh.
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    Is your point that you know people? Congratulations.
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    Lupe Fiasco's 2nd Album - The Cool

    Lupe was definitely my rookie of the year. His music went above and beyond what I expect from good hip hop. I'm ready for another album.
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    Random Question Re: Cold Weather for my Midwest Folks

    The cold won't do anything to them. If you leave them in the heat, however.....
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    Midwest Banner - Lets see some work for New Banner!

    I think that we need one. Something with Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana and maybe some other staes rep'd. Or just some simple "MIDWEST" symbol. Cause the midwest is very, very versatile.
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    Boy Big New Release Dec 12th

    He got Ghostface and Raekwon on there?
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    OT: Buck O'Neil

    Just earned some presidential medal. Too late, in my book. Sooooo many people fucked up on this one. I can't believe that Buck was so overlooked in his life, but when he died everyone loved him. It's just a sad situation. RIP Buck. We loved you. You were Kansas City. You were Every...
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    David Banner, what hip-hop is missing.

    Check out this speech of his. Hip-hop needs more artists and people like Banner. link: