OT: What's wrong with hip-hop...

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Sep 26, 2002
There's nothing wrong with hip hop and nothing else.

it's like this ya'll... a very small minority of companies dictate what's heard on TV and Radio... there's lots of talent out there ... a lot of them just need more funding... but, then again you cant hate on the shit that's going on ... i don't hate on it. i just dont pay attention to it.

and what's worse is that when people realize they don't like what' been shoved down their throats, they think the only alternative is shitty underground music... they make it black and white like that's mainstream - that's shit... and listen to all this crap underground shit.

dont get me wrong i feel that there's more "talent" in the underground
but you get these conformist fucks thinkin they can only listne to underground no matter how shit it is
Nov 7, 2006
i think underground and mainstream are pretty close to similarities when it comes to percentage of wack music. i like a lil underground and a lil mainstream but most of the music i like is back in the day shit. not way back but like mid 90's


thats just my ghost
Oct 31, 2002
in10city_131x said:
o fuck i didnt even watch that video

what is up with that
I didn't either...

to answer the question of what's wrong with hip-hop... nothing

It might have something to do with personal music selection or the channels which new music travels across to reach yo speakers

I got all kinds of shit

now what's wrong with the industry is a whole different subject
don't get me started

Feb 8, 2006
First off, this video is hilarious. It's old white republicans making fun of themselves. I don't see how that demeans hip hop in any way. Of course it's cheesy. And frankly, I don't find the average white-guy-acts-like-a-black-hip-hop-guy shtick that's plagued so many movies to be funny anymore. But this video is funny because it's Karl Rove.

I think I agree with Cyrus's statements below the most, but maybe for a different reason. Radio (and mainstream record labels) are too scared to make radical switches in what they play. So we didn't go from NWA to Hyphy. Instead, they play blends - crunk was a hit, so e-40 didn't get a shot until lil jon was screaming on some of his tracks.

My personal pet peave is the blend of R&B with hip-hop as, too me, the two have nothing in common except that the artists are predomniately black. I'm tired of hearing a "thug" rapper backed up by the latest female vocalist. It's wack and contrary to everything hip-hop. And don't even get me started on Usher being on everyones hip-hop tracks.

Imagine if BDP had Madonna backing him up on By all Means Necessary. It'd be a nightmare.

And so we're back to tech. Mainstream has no idea where he fits in. He's like that one great track that a dj gets in a club, but can't fit into the set anywhere. I say fuck it. Play it and the people will dance.

CyrusTheVirus said:
I didn't either...

to answer the question of what's wrong with hip-hop... nothing

I got all kinds of shit

now what's wrong with the industry is a whole different subject
don't get me started
Aug 21, 2002
The reality of the whole thing is... Put it this way!

Like in10city said, we are being force fed only what the "few" indy say-so corporations want us to be fed and we end up in a trance believing thats that music is actually the pinnacle of what good songs should be. This is how so many wack cats end up HOT in the kiddie eyes and actually thinking they hot and having a Hollywood Hoe ass attitude.

Take M.C. TechsRipGut. He's a broke ass mediocre rapper from a tough neighborhood, the best his music gets is beats off of a Sanyo keyboard but he loves it. Hes walking down the street and a limo pulls up, its Puffy. He says yo can you rap, he says, "Hell yeah," busts a verse and gets a deal. On the other end of town theres a ill cat named Crip Rag Slim and he's the rawest nigga in the city, he didnt get that lucky break so now M.C. TechsRipGut is on BET and MTV with his punk ass single feat. Ashanti and the kids love it. When Crip Rag Slim is brought up, the kids aint feeling him cause he aint on TV so therefore he aint shit. Since RipsGut got the deal, he knows he's the shit and can go in the studio and drop any fucking record he wants, its gonna get play because his label is under the company that owns the radio station that owns MTV so we have to sit and listen to M.C. RipsGut and before you know it, your humming the lyrics and now your out to buy his album.

And you dont even know why...