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    retiring my account. brb..

    been a member since 98 or 99 i forget. this was my second account. will be back under a new name from where it all started the 9-1-siccness. much luv to everybody that showed me luv artists and posters alike. i know yall real wit it cause i never used this name to talk down on anybody and...
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    lmao! chris rock and don king.

    kV-VX-zryRM how the hell did i run into this! shit's funny. don king is the pimp of boxing if there ever was one.
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    brotha lynch and x-raided "shakin and breakin" what album is this off of?`+Brotha+Lynch+Hung+-+Shakin`+N+Breakin`+Realease sound quality isn't all that but it's a pretty tight track. i think it may have come off a comp so i'm not familiar with the song. not sure who...
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    W.C. youtube upload "100% Legit" wit eazy e sample.

    mtSLh_VKZMo even a lil taste of rest in piss piano keys. if you haven't peeped the album it's solid. i skipped about 4 songs out of 12 shit goes hard.
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    any live links to the cotto / mayorga fight tonight?

    don't know if anybody would be interested since sergio is fighting for free on hbo i guess. mayorga is about the only shit talker i like listening to cause it's funny. plus he always has a punchers chance.
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    new brotha lynch hung video.."good night."

    DersACMV0KI edited by the mann himself the blh.
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    new brotha lynch hung video.."good night"

    DersACMV0KI edited by the mann himself the blh.
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    brotha lynch hung and madesicc blog interview wit strange tune in thurs. from 3 to 4. pacific standard time. will be taking calls from lynch's studio. so tune in..
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    phonk beta interview blog wit strange. tap that link.
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    anybody having trouble logging onto youtube?

    that shit flaked on me while i was gone shit won't do nothing no matter what i do? wtf??? i linked to a new account by g-mail like it said to do shit don't work.
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    4 days on the road 2 days in sac.

    first stop san miguel mission for a prayer. monterey bay, quick stop frisco, then to the 916. 21st street. i'm not gonna upload a bunch of pics of the aquarium just a couple sights on the road...... from san miguel passed through soledad and colinga (x's last prison if i remember right?) san...
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    check yall out later i'm off to the gardens.

    gonna be on the blocc to see some relies. maybe back with pics and stuff.:siccness:
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    g-macc radio interview blog wit strange. bout 30 min. ago tap that link.
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    gangsta reese tracks from decade deep 1 feat. x-raided.

    U4wma1McFKg ^my fav out the two.^ nothin' matters feat. young 211 dDNmcAlKuho me myself and i feat. x-raided in perfect quality. ^feel'n the lyrics on that one though^
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    siccness demographics.

    edit. things may have changed. i remember when i was one of the few asians on the sicc.