retiring my account. brb..

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Oct 18, 2003
been a member since 98 or 99 i forget. this was my second account. will be back under a new name from where it all started the 9-1-siccness.

much luv to everybody that showed me luv artists and posters alike.

i know yall real wit it cause i never used this name to talk down on anybody and yall showed luv back.

see ya later today with the new name thanks everybody for the props but i'm starting from scratch.

back to being a peasant!

Ghost Dance

America's Nightmare
Nov 1, 2007
Oak Park...916
And you made a thread for this why???

Not tryna clown homie but I dont think no one cares and is it really that big of a deal in you life like you felt you had to make a thread about???

Do what you do im just sayin we got enough bullshit threads in the 916 forum from carlos we dont need any more...can we have some music threads up in here???