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  1. Toro

    The xx

    Can't find a thread on them because their name's too short. Really good band. I've been opening my ears up immensely, giving my attention more towards other genres I wouldn't normally listen to, and I'm loving what I hear. Pib8eYDSFEI PElhV8z7I60
  2. Toro


    hNXHveyzUvY Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck :beard:
  3. Toro

    Chatroulette reactions: The Last Exorcism

    CNSaurw6E_Q :siccness:
  4. Toro

    LOL, you guys see this hidden gem yet?

    MybLkDp3IEY :cool:
  5. Toro


    Been listening to Kids a lot lately, thinking of buying their album.
  6. Toro

    The Town

    QQ7wcayQQLQ Only Ben Affleck movie that looks watchable. Plus Jon Hamm and Jeremy Renner, should be good I hope.
  7. Toro

    Alex Trebek singing in Autotune

  8. Toro

    We all should have nightmares tonight. Knowing these kind of people exist

    Someone help me find the biggest Juggalo forum, I like want to go undercover and fucking look into this. You know how some people get obsessed over famous murder's lives and shit.......
  9. Toro

    The Disappearance of Alice Creed

    vbeJl3dt0Aw Anyone got a download link to this? Reading it's got very good reviews. I've tried to download it twice (both were 7 part hotfile links) and it was just a fake movie file trying to get me to go to a torrent site.
  10. Toro

    Why are my deletes getting posted?

  11. Toro

    ROFL, last topic about the fag

    Le2UYQuMAoM Rofl, why he keep looking around like he's gonna get jumped by rap forums?
  12. Toro

    Patrick Renna....

    What the fuck, in a stoned wikipedia exploration I came upon Patrick Renna, the fat ginger kid from Sandlot, Son In Law, The Big Green, etc. I tried to see what he looks like now. Why does he look exactly the same in every fucking picture? No matter when it was took. Looking like a young Chris Penn.
  13. Toro

    a tin can, a little tiny man, a metal case, her face, a moat, a mink coat

    07P538K83iU That is all.
  14. Toro

    I think I found out what happened to Tweeze

  15. Toro

    Anyone want any wrestling DVDs? (WWE, PWG, ROH, 3PW, FMW)

    Got a bunch from my bro to sell. The following I listed on Amazon so if you want them, I suggest you get them before someone on there buys it. FMW The Legend Dawns FMW War of Attrition FMW Ring Of Torture 3PW Blood! Brawls! and Broads! 3PW Raven's Rules 3PW The Right To Remain Violent ROH Road...