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    Del The Funky Homosapien - Upcoming Projects & Collaborations

    I'll never forget the time when I was in High School I would take the AC transit bus to telegraph in Berkeley to scoop up new vinyl from Amoebas, Lazy Eddy's and Rasputin's along with Tower and I actually bought a few Del singles. When I hopped back on the bus this fool was on there with head...
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    DTTX of Lighter Shade of Brown (LSOB)

    watch?v=694RJwfKjQ8 Exclusive Hip Hop News, Interviews, Rumors, Rap & Music Videos | Allhiphop » DTTX Of Classic Hip Hop Group Lighter Shade Of Brown Still Alive After Previous Reports Of Death
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    E-40's “Choices” = Certified Gold

    YUP! Exclusive Hip Hop News, Interviews, Rumors, Rap & Music Videos | Allhiphop » E-40’s Three-Decade Reign Continues: Hit Single “Choices” Certified Gold
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    Harriet Tubman will be face of the $20 bill.

    Alexander Hamilton will stay on the front of the $10 bill, and Harriet Tubman will boot Andrew Jackson from the face of the $20. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew made the announcement Wednesday after months of debate and controversy. He also announced plans for the reverse side of each bill. A...
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    Mothers Of Mac Dre And Tupac Help Each Other Cope With Loss.

    (AllHipHop News) Yesterday (March 22nd) AllHipHop spoke in-depth with Mac Dre’s mother, Mac Wanda about her son, his legacy and his new documentary that released on iTunes, Amazon and In the interview Mac Wanda broke down her relationship with Tupac Shakur’s mother, Afeni...
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    Mac Dre:

    ABOUT THE FILM Bay Area rapper Mac Dre began his career at 18 and quickly became an influential force in early west coast hip-hop. In 1992 he was convicted of conspiracy to commit bank robbery when his lyrics were used against him in court. He left prison with a new lease on life, founded an...
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    Yo Gotti - Law ft. E-40

    watch?v=sRteOr5I8rI Slap
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    30th Anniversary - Too Short Live @ SXSW
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    Nardwuar the Human Serviette. **Stroke**
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    Pimp C’s ‘Long Live The Pimp’

    Scheduled for release on December 4. iTunes Tracklist 1. Long Live The Pimp 2. 3 Way Freak (feat. Lil Wayne) 3. Ain’t Said Sh*t (feat. Ty Dolla Sign and Devin The Dude) 4. Wavybone (feat. A$AP Rocky, Juicy J and Bun B) 5. Spittin’ Game (Interlude) 6. Trill (feat. A’Doni, Slim Thug, ESG and...
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    Man allegedly kills friend for taking last piece of chicken at dinner!

    @ALL BOUT CHICKEN would you do the same ?
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    Man allegedly kills friend for taking last piece of chicken at dinner!

    HOUSTON (FOX 32 News) - A man has been arrested and charged for allegedly stabbing a friend to death for taking the last piece of chicken at dinner, according to a report. Reinaldo Cardoso Rivera, 38, has been charged with murder after police say he killed 34-year-old Darwin Perez Gonzalez on...
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    The Rapper Deathstyle

    A study published in the May 2003 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that students who listen to violent music are more likely to act violently. “Across five studies, we found that violent lyrics do increase violent thinking and aggressive feelings,” said lead...
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    Playboy to eliminate nude photos from the magazine???

    The iconic men's magazine Playboy said Monday that it is planning to drop fully nude female photography from its pages. The news, first reported by The New York Times, is bound to send shock waves through the magazine industry, since Playboy has been a part of American popular culture since its...