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    Mistah F.A.B.

    is he makin a "Ghost Ride It" Video? cuz on his myspace it got hella pics of him giggin on a car that has ghostbusters picture crossed out on it
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    I Heard He Was Comin Out Wit 2 Albums One Everybody Knows As Last Of A Thizzin' Breed And I Heard Of Another One Called Duck Ive Heard Samples From Both Albums Anybody Know Wassup Wit That?
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    Thizz Nation Vol. 8

    Starring Mistah a whole load of used songs.... 18 Tracks Featuring: Bavgate, Keak Da Sneak, Y.S. aka Tha Thizz Kid, Mac Mall, Shiggidy of Crest Creepaz, The Jacka, Nump, Yukmouth, Rydah J. Klyde, Gorilla Pits, J Nash, The Mossie, Potzee, Speedy, Tha Pillionaires & J-Diggs 1...
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    Nickatina Fans....

    i know this the thizz post thing but this is the closet thing to a fillmoe coleman post site i can get ^_^ wuts the song called its like... "I Get Lost In The Weed Like A Ghost Without A Blessed Vision But Still Might Find My Way To Do A Little Caddie Dippin" Another Part Is Like "I Get A...
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    Can We Get Sum Song Lists For New Thizz Cd's?

    Like The New Dubee Bavgate Keak Reek Daddy or any new thizz releases?
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    What Song Is This?

    its on treal 2 but i dont kno wut cd its on F.A.B. like "What It Iz, What It Aint What It Do, What It Dont What It Will, What It Wont Do What It Do Ask Me Again N Im Gon Show You!" then its like "22's , 24's sumthin sumthin sumthin sumthin" haha