Thizz Nation Vol. 8

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Apr 25, 2006
Starring Mistah a whole load of used songs....

18 Tracks Featuring:
Bavgate, Keak Da Sneak, Y.S. aka Tha Thizz Kid, Mac Mall, Shiggidy of Crest Creepaz, The Jacka, Nump, Yukmouth, Rydah J. Klyde, Gorilla Pits, J Nash, The Mossie, Potzee, Speedy, Tha Pillionaires & J-Diggs

1. Don't Know
2. I'm Rich (Feat. Bavgate & Keak Da Sneak)
3. Yellow Bus (Feat. Y.S. aka Tha Thizz Kid)
4. Up Jumps (Feat. Mac Mall & Shiggidy)
5. F Wit Me (Feat. The Jacka & Nump)
6. Thizz
7. Damn Dumb (Feat. Yukmouth)
8. Timeout
9. Selfmade (Feat. Rydah J. Klyde)
10. Hallways (Feat. Gorilla Pits)
11. Don't Stop
12. Nation Of Thizzlam (Feat. J Nash)
13. Metros & Chirpers
14. Throw It Up (Feat. The Mossie)
15. That Girl (Feat. Potzee)
16. Do You Really Want Me? (Feat. Speedy)
17. Thizz Remix
18. Dummy Retarded (Feat. Tha Pillionaires & J-Diggs)

Dec 29, 2004
all them songs is old as fuck........just cause they've been on a mixtape (that thizz has already put out) dont mean they need to put the same old ass shit on another mixtape....these niggas is the most uncreative, lame niggas in the bay right about now