Nickatina Fans....

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Apr 25, 2006
i know this the thizz post thing but this is the closet thing to a fillmoe coleman post site i can get ^_^

wuts the song called its like...

"I Get Lost In The Weed Like A Ghost Without A Blessed Vision
But Still Might Find My Way To Do A Little Caddie Dippin"

Another Part Is Like

"I Get A Pad And Pen But It Dont Matter Then
Freak Im A Real Rap Cat Hoe Im Not A Trend
I Keep The Temperature Cold Up In A Hot Rental
I Thought Superman Was Steel Until He Got Cryple
Im Not Your Doc Giggles Or Ya Willie Wiggles
My Cross Over Dripple Penetrate You To The Middle"

Then Equipto Like
My Rhymes will Penetrate And Sink Through Ya Metel
Take Over Ima Straight E.Q. The Levels
Bass And All The Treble Then Get All Hyphy
With A Look Like Somebody Steps On Ya Nike's"

Tryn Sumbody Hit Me Back Wit That
Feb 15, 2006
I have a question for Nickatina fans, I went to a show this summer in Berkeley, then another show last night, in Eugene, OR. At both shows he says, put your t's up and say mac dre like fifty times. Then he does the samw with tupac, saying put your playboys up and say tu--pac.

He did this at both shows a lot, is there some reason that anyone knows of?