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    ^^^^^^^^^ this is true I heard it from a credibale source
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    I got some footage from the game is thick they show make dre rapping and he says some shit like 'lookin for a bitch to break/sippin on some vintage grapes' what is that song called
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    is the new mossie album still droppin tommarro
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    when dude trying to fuck with mac dre then get's his ass kicked what's the name of that dubee song thats playing
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    me and me weoples porkchopubezzy got our local dj to play tell me when to go

    no lye I got me and my cutties to get the dj way up in wisconsin to play tell me when to go at the local club in appleton the dj is from oakland dj dubb what thizz it
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    i just heard a j-dubb song feat mac dre spice 1

    i had know idea were I got this song but it's great it's called just lace-n-em I never new mac dre a nd spice did a song shit slaps
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    40's new single wid keak sucks

    I'm the biggest 40 fan but tell me when to go is the worst song 40's ever been a part of keak has to get over the go dumb shit ya digg
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    think if the mac D.R.E could have been featured on super hyphyhe would kill it

    I know it could never happen and hope I don't get know heat witch I will cause this is siccness but mac dre would have had a great 16 bars in super hyphy yadadaaaaa mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    I'm thizzin hard rit now but I think 1 of the best bay area songs is WELCOME TO THE B

    I doubt any 1 would diss agree u have a better 1 lets here it yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    What's this keak super hyphy get's radio play way up here in wisconsin maynn

    It's about time We get the bay up here maynn I've been pushin it for years
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    Whats up with b-legit

    what the feezy I thought legit's cd was going to drop today
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    Anyone know if turf talk is back in the studio

    just wondering when he is going to start makeing slaps again
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    we should rename this site to the nump network

    nump not even good sounds like everyone else to much hype he's way overrated
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    anyone know how turftalk is doing and when he's going to start makeing slaps

    never heard anything on turftalks condition is he staying away from studio's for a while or is he's makeing some slaps yet ?
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    when is turf talks the street novelist part 2 going to drop

    he said in brings the hood that it would drop on july 15 I want to hear that shit mann