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    just got out of jail

    been in jail for past 3 monthes, whats up to all the og's in here
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    someone from siccmade

    on the dvd when lynch is talkin about having starters an dbench players, that beat in the backggound, who made it and is it on anything in the future....thats a fuccin knock right there, i like that shit
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    one fify muthafuccin one

    hearin the hype about this, i bought this cd, i must say im impressed, not oly was the hype correct but this is a cd that wont get old....good job on this, i liked this more then the previous 2 fav song is number the way, my homie seen his hood(paramount) on the back...
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    @ art battle

    what the heck u doing eatin at sizzler in north sac?, i was shocked as hell to see u in there at my work....that chain was off tha was the steak?
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    #s on lbi?

    is there any #s on sales for this so far?
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    asthmatic v. tank

    u called me out.....and i havent battled in probly a year so i will do it for the hell of it ....first to 5.........and i have a feeling i will get dick riding votes on my behalf, that aint deadline really, just sometime fairly soon...........hope these rules are agreed upon...
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    seak, timc, smurf, fatal, biggz,stealth,dvious and all other old school cats

    what the fucc yall been up to? what yall been gettin in? how yall been?.....let me know
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    tank back...for a limited time

    i'll drop some lil bullshit..... when i grab the mic these lifeforms cease/ killin mcs, lyrical infection spreading like disease/ killin 40s daily, steady chasin chedder cheese/ stock stacks of gz, brainwash the public to worship me/ incineratin foes & enemies, eatin muthafuccas like dental...
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    killer mike

    can someone review this
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    will u guys do a show here in sac?
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    san quinn

    will someone review me thier fav. san quinn?
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    cos sales

    any estimate on this cd?....i hope its selling well
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    lynches sales

    does any body got numbers on lynches record sales...thanks
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    is this worth buying or what?
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    cos-siccmade rituals

    my props to cos for this cd...this shit knock....lynch laced some fat beats...crook laced some fat beats, i didnt know ddubb made beats but that shit was cool.....clean spits.....i have one complaint(well its kinda a couple rolled into one)-there is no loki, zagg or ddubb?.....crimewatch got...