tank back...for a limited time

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Apr 26, 2002
i'll drop some lil bullshit.....

when i grab the mic these lifeforms cease/
killin mcs, lyrical infection spreading like disease/
killin 40s daily, steady chasin chedder cheese/
stock stacks of gz, brainwash the public to worship me/
incineratin foes & enemies, eatin muthafuccas like dental cavitys/
the opposed got no content and they rhymes schemes gleem like a couple of pennies/

the field gotta be leveled so i offer a handicap, but once again, the toxons knock u back/
u just a rookie, u need a how to spit class/
i shatter these opponents like single paned glass/
the destruction is mass, check the standings u in last/
i rip foos the fuck up while u struggle to even scratch/

its apperant, u cant see me even if u were starin/
accelaratin in industry like gil de ferran/
projectin bombs like my name was aaron, brooks rollin wit crooks say in fucc it cuz we aint never carin/
this is the fromal warning so throw up them white flags, when the smoke clears, shells and busted up frags/
get zipped up in a bag when i make these situations sad/
cuz trust me muthafucca i dont use vegtable fresh glads/

i know its probly hard to read, but its been a minute and im rusty
feedback........+ or - please