asthmatic v. tank

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Apr 26, 2002
u called me out.....and i havent battled in probly a year so i will do it for the hell of it ....first to 5.........and i have a feeling i will get dick riding votes on my behalf, that aint deadline really, just sometime fairly soon...........hope these rules are agreed upon by u as well

here i go

so assmatic wanna battle?, well thats a mistake/
i chemiccly alter muthafuccin mindstates/
isolate u, and lock the fuccin gate/
there is no debate, i put u in checcmate/
u crumbled like slate, i ate like a dinner plate/
when mcz wanna battle, bodys left cold like superior lake/
your met with a pinebox interior fate, sent to an eerier place/
so y u chose to hate cuz smurf got on u like busta did ja rule/
thinkin u a gangsta but really a wanksta who aint never used to tools/
sayin ur flows are "sicc" but they wouldnt be if ya spit green drool/
asthmatic, the 5th garbage mc ive left in a cess pool/
call u jeffry atdkins and me 2 quarters cuz im clownin u like a muthafuccin fool/
u crawling while im like marion jones runnin to victory/
its pretty bad i ripped u wit nuhin but simplcity/
its doesnt take the game mortal kombat to deliver u a fatatlity, and it only takes my mouth to send u to a medical facility/
u called me out, now ur deceased cuz u thought u could test my ability.....

not my finest but oh well...good luck