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  1. swoop187

    Looking For These CDs

    44 Clique - Mind of a 44 is probably one of the worst cds I've ever heard in my life. It's absolutely terrible, and IMO people only want it because it's rare..... I actually came across a handful of them back in the day and sold them here and on ebay... I think it's the whole "stigma" that...
  2. swoop187

    CDs w/out covers:

    Dude, I have to TON of covers with no cds of some ultra rare cds from Chicago, Milwaukee, The Bay, South, Memphis -- Even Evil Pimp from Minnesota.. Hit me up if you're interested..
  3. swoop187


    Man this shit has become so politicized to the point I could puke coat hangers... I mean the facts are that Corona is LESS LETHAL THAN THE COMMON FLU...... It really blows my mind and these fucking idiot democrats are bending the knee to the government which is using Covid as an excuse to...
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    Dude, I support Trump 100.... Not only that but I actually took that "fuck Trump" Antifa track/beat and turned it into a pro-Trump Antifa diss track... I should upload it here or release it on youtube or something because it's just funny when I drive by their "gatherings" and slow my roll to...
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    How many rappers/Producers do we have up in here?

    Well, I grew up in a recording studio, I used to be a selling artist as a producer, beat maker, rapper- and I even made album covers. I mean I have worked with some pretty well known artists but I left the game almost 10 years ago.... Look, I like rap and I've been rapping since 1992 but the...
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    The Official "THIS IS HOW I EAT" Thread...

    Dude, do I really need to start posting Brotha Lynch memes? lol... Anyone see that movie? hahahaha..... I think it was called "Now Eat" or some shit like that..... To make matters worse I was tripping the first time I saw that movie, lol.... Very disturbing to say the least... Anyway this...
  7. swoop187

    Do you believe in Global Warming?

    Dude, of course our climate changes, unfortunately what is a natural occurrence has been hijacked by a bunch of politicians and has been used as a weapon against us -- oh and they're almost exclusively democrats, progressives SJW idiots.... So yes, "climate change" exists - I mean we don't live...
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    Massive Chicago/Bay Area Underground CD Collection [ALL SOLD, THANKS FOR ALL THE INTEREST]]

    Hey, it's been a while since I have been here - and I'm sure there are some OG's still around from back in the day that remember me. Anyway, I'll be 40 next month and I have a ton of underground rare Chicago, Bay etc CD's some sealed (I actually have 1/2 of of that dude's Mix Tape - it's called...
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    [MegaThread] Free Will - Do we have it? Can we get it?

    I actually should change it TBH.. lol
  10. swoop187

    Will Do or Die come out with another album?

    They're getting pretty old.... They gotta be mid to late 40's, maybe even 50. Those cats had their time in the 90's and early 2000's. Besides, Chicago rap isn't what it used to be with all that dill bullshit these days... These days these fucking idiots just make tracks just so they can get...
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    MEGA RARE Chicago/Milwaukee G-Funk & West Coast G-Funk For Sale

    What's up? perhaps some of you remember me from back in the day when I used to sell a lot on here (2010 ish).... Well, I don't listen to much rap or collect CD's anymore but I still have a lot of my old CD's. They've been sitting in the closet for several years now, and I'm not doing anything...
  12. swoop187

    Low on posters eh?

    Why is that? oh yeah because half of posters here have no freedom to post their minds.... Po-po will be in their ass... Obama is so great tho eh? He gave the rest of the world the right to regulate the internet... So much for the supporters nigger fascist president? eh?
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    Strange land with strange shit... I suppose everyone is either dead, in prison or has grown up and only a few of you been sticking to this shit?
  14. swoop187

    Young Mennace from Minnesota?

    Minnesota is Minnesota.... That there is Chicago...
  15. swoop187

    Freddie Gibbs - "Freddie Gordy"

    Since when does the Midwest have Palms?