MEGA RARE Chicago/Milwaukee G-Funk & West Coast G-Funk For Sale

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Apr 4, 2006
What's up? perhaps some of you remember me from back in the day when I used to sell a lot on here (2010 ish).... Well, I don't listen to much rap or collect CD's anymore but I still have a lot of my old CD's. They've been sitting in the closet for several years now, and I'm not doing anything with them.

Now I would really like to sell them as a lot, but I suppose I could sell them individually. Almost all cds are mega rare local releases I bought at shows, directly from the artists themselves or at the local mom & pop stores, so this is a good opportunity to get some Chicago and Milwaukee G-Funk/tongue twisting extremely rare underground gangsta rap that you cant find anywhere else online (or even in stores anymore) because a lot of them are local releases, hence were only available in mom & pop stores.

Like I said, I'm looking to get rid of all of them and all offers will be considered and probably accepted.

I have more than this, including a lot of west coast classic G-Funk like RBL Posse, Andre Nickatina, Brotha Lynch Hung, Lil CS etc...

In total I probably have 100+ but I'm just going to list a few for right now to see if there is any interest. However, like I said I would prefer to sell all of them as a lot because it's way easier for me, and as a bonus I have 25 sealed copies of "Retaliation - The Compilation" feat; Messy Marv, Cellski, Tip Toe, Mac & AK" which I would love to toss in just to get rid of them...

So yea, hit me up if you have any interest.

Here here are a few:

- Smokey Da Bandit - Chicago Syndicate (2002) Empty Soul Entertainment.

- Armeggeddon - The Legacy MEGA RARE Chicago G-Funk (1999) Local release only!

- Kev Green & 420 Outlaws - Duffel Holders Foundation (2002) Milwaukee

- Flawless - Ballin Quick MEGA RARE Chicago G-Funk self release (1999) Local release only!

- DJ N.K - Do You Know? MEGA RARE (1998) A.L.L.O.U.T Records

- 2 Raw / Goddoe & Family - MEGA RARE Chicago local release only (2000) Street View Entertainment

- Money Tight Records Presents - 1320 MEGA RARE local release only Chicago G-Funk (2005) Money Tight Records

- Damon Da Don (of Fatal 4) - (2008) Chicago G-Funk

- QP - Off The Scale - (2005) Chicago G-funk Off The Scale Entertainment

- Under Investigation Records Presents - Contact (2005) MEGA RARE Chicago G-Funk local release only UI Records

- Kev Green/Greenhouse Entertainment Presents - Just Weight Underground Vol. 1 (2001) MEGA RARE Milwaukee G-Funk, local release only.

-Drama F.O.E Presents - The Go Gettas (2003) MEGA RARE Chicago G-Funk

-Nuiqee Julio - Young Daddy (2003) Team Utopia Entertainment MEGA RARE Milwaukee G-Funk

- New Era- Out With The Old, In With The New (2002) Slim Chance Productions MEGA RARE Chicago G-Funk, local release only!

- Licc Hittaz / DOE Boy Presents: Let Me See Ya Thong Compilation (2006) Chicago G-Funk...

-Soldierz At War - Wazzup Joe - Military Records (2000) Chicago G-Funk
Apr 4, 2006
Plus I have these in the lot too.

Andre Nickatina - Daiquiri Factory,
Lil CS - Ghetto Classics,
RBL Posse - (Hitman),
RBL Posse - Hostile Takeover,
Luni Coleone - In the Mouth of Madness,
Doja Clik - THC,
Killa Tay - Snake Eyes
Mack Tha Jacka - The True Story
King George - TRU Player,
C.E.B - Countin' Endless Bank,
Dru Down - Fools From The Streets,
Page 1 & Bigg Patt - Showtime,
Brotha Lynch - Head Drama,
Court Dog - Thugz diary,
Lil Fip & Greenhouse ENT - Mixtape,
Kane & Able - Rise to Power,
Mo Chedda Mobstaz (DJ Squeeky, Criminal Maine),
Zagg Hell in August,
LC - Born 2 Represent,
Whoop Azz - Compilation,
D'mon Da Don - Self Titled

Plus I have more random CD's I will toss in.

25x Sealed;

Golden State Records Presents - Retaliation The Compilation (Featuring: Tip Toe, Messy Marv, Cellski, Mac & AK, Laroo, Big Rich & Devo)