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    The Sandchild, Now or Never

    Its been a while since i posted anything, getting back into doing graphics again after a few years. job, my homie needed an album cover so I dusted off photoshop and whipped this up, still in progress, feedback appreciated, updated image 2-1-10
  2. Swishersplitter

    photo re-touch

    just a random touch up, This was on the road to Hana on Maui, took this pic and wished the cars wernt there so i photoshoped em out, thought it might be a good theme for a thread, post up your before and after touch up pics
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    new logo

    workin on a new logo for myself, think I'm going with this one, let me know what you think
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    Stock Photo Sites

    just putting this out there for those who need it. tons of free photos, just sign up, high res shit. Lots of genres, the cities are mostly European, not alot of US stuff but if yall start sharing there will be! What other sites do you use to find your stock photos and shit...
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    Camera question

    So, I been putting it off but i need to upgrade my camera, shit it's only like 3 years old but seems like it should just be used as a paper weight now. What do you PRO's use? How many Mega Pixels? What kinda lenses? What features do you adjust the most? (manual focus, f stop, iso settings)...
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    recent photoshoot

    it's been a minute (maybe a year) since I posted anything up in here. Just did a photo shoot last week and thought I would share em to get a little feedback. Lighting situation wasn't great, took these pics in front of a white screen as the sun was starting to go down, touched em up a lil &...
  7. Swishersplitter

    It's been a minute since I posted anything in here so here's a link to a new site I just launched for my homie KillahMo. Been workin on this project on and off for a while and I'm glad to finally get it out there officially. Lemmie know what you think. Feedback is appreciated.
  8. Swishersplitter

    The picture piano

    The picture piano by swishersplitter This is what I have been doing in my digital media class Version1 this is the simple version, the concept is that you can play a song and store it as a shape then play it back and draw out that shape you can either pick the points out manually in the box...
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    San Diego??? What's crackin????

    I'm down in San Diego for the weekend and lookin for somethin to get into. Yall got tha hook up on the hot spots down here? If you know of anywhere that get's it crackin post em up.
  10. Swishersplitter

    What's crackin in San Diego?

    I'm down in San Diego for the weekend and lookin for somethin to get into. Yall got tha hook up on the hot spots down here? If you know of anywhere that get's it crackin post em up.
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    New flash Intro for - EVERYONE PEEP!

    Check the new flash intro for Cali-Stylez AntDawg gave me the beat and I did the animation, what you think?
  12. Swishersplitter LIVES!

    Well actually it's in critical condition on life support, but if yall care this is what happened. We ran into some real bad luck dealing with a faulty server. Our site was always going down, having slow page loads, then to top it off the entire company dissapeared with no warning taking with...
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    insomnia strikes again

    another creation inspired by blunts and insomnia. tell me what you see
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    before and after

    This is the picture I took: And this is a first draft on a cover for a single some folx of mine are puttin out. Still workin on it, but let me get some feedback. What do you think of the color changes I made?