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    Favorite tech n9ne wallpaper?

    Share :)
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    Ms Access quicksearch?

    Hello all I recently got this new job filing and such at an office for petitions and political things of the like. They have this huge MS access database file of all the registered voters in nearby counties with a tab for names, addresses, etc. The function in access is horrible...
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    It is a great day

    MY BIRTHDAY XOXOXOXO:siccness::siccness::siccness: Even tho theres some bs, im happy to be a part of this board :cool:
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    Hey I've heard tech say this quite a bit, I looked it up on urbandictionary it said that shakara meant showing off, but I'm not sure if it fits all the context that he used it in. like blackboy for example. so what does SHAKARAS mean :D
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    OT: Tna Wrestling

    Any tna fans in here? and if so tell me what you think about their direction. I really like the angle with the main event mafia, anybody can get behind that, and steiner in a suit? woo lol.
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    Kinda OT/ Tech must collab with these ppl outlawz got the heat....
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    LSD Is a Joke

    A boy asks his granny, "Have you seen my pills, they were labelled LSD?" Granny replies, " fcuk the pills, have you seen the dragons in the kitchen?!" Nah lsd is cool but this was a joke :siccness:
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    Tech N9ne a scriptwriter?

    So I was playing my favorite game Monster Seed, and I came across this: At which point I looked in my game manual, and below the writer section of the credits there was the name Aaron Yates. Coincidence? I also found it peculiar that Tech N9ne has songs called Monster, and The Beast.
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    Will you buy the album?

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    Krizz Kaliko- Anxiety

    was bored tHiz morning so made tHiz video in tHe Movies. CHeck it out if you like CLICK DOWN HERE Clarification: After robbing the bank Krizz's hoe dumped him and he got arrested. In the end, the female cop leaves right before the knife fight. Also...
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    Gta 4 Siccness Team

    So I was browsing the gta forums and I found out that on gamebattles you can make your own teams. Not enough of my friends are getting the game so I said fuck it Im just gonna go to the dependable guys over here, lol This way were guaranteed playing with people we know the day the game comes...
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    OT: Gta 4

    Who's gonna get it? Lets do a strange forum online liberty city tour lol post up ur gamertags Check out the new updates and shit at it looks greatly great and that playboy x guy is the shit lol. I already preordered it,lol <object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie"...
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    Killer sampler

    Go to and you can hear the full version of everybody move among other tracks!!!! Direct Link: It's very hot and if you don't like it then cry WAAA WAAA
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    I'm a playa remix, featuring:me

    Hey guys I heard the 2pac remix and I don't think I can top it but I thought I would have some fun with this lol. It's the first track on my myspace add me while you're at it technicians
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    Heartfelt tech tracks

    Hey dudes, i'm a recent tech fan and I wanted to know the deepest tech shit out there. Thanks (youtube links would work or a dowload too)