Ms Access quicksearch?

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Feb 1, 2008
Hello all

I recently got this new job filing and such at an office for petitions and political things of the like.

They have this huge MS access database file of all the registered voters in nearby counties with a tab for names, addresses, etc. The function in access is horrible and actually crashes the program as the laptops there only have 512 mb ram.

My question is, is there a program that I can upload an access file to it and it indexes it so I can search for a name or something and have the entry pop up like a google search as in almost instantly. It would up efficiency so damn much as my first day at the job we spent scrolling up and down....

Thanks in advance

btw quite frankly i have almost 0 experience with access so it's probably something simple im missing.

Also i forgot to mention its the 2003 version


Sicc OG
Dec 7, 2005
yeah just send that file to me, i have experience with ms access. really though get me on pm about sending the file and ill deal with it for you :)