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    TAY: What is the deal w/ these 3 C-BO releases?

    - The Lost Sessions (2004) - Desert Eagle (2002) - C-Bo's Bulletproof (2007) I know The Lost Sessions and Desert Eagle both have VERY similar tracklistings. It looks like at least 10 of 12 songs on Desert Eagle are on Lost Sessions. I was wondering if one of the two was the WCM "official"...
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    glas noir - druggy droney electronic rock

    hi all. i used to post on here a hell of a long time ago, mostly as THA RIPPA, back in the early 2000's through prob 2004. i have a one man band project i've been working on out of kansas city, los angeles, and now (currently) austin, tx. anyways if any of ya'll spin rock/psychedelic tracks...
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    anyone listen classical music

    absolutely. bach and mozart especially.
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    Whats the verse?

    And the song, where Raided says something about running in the congregation and jacking the collection plate?
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    John's First Trip to a Strip Club

    (don't enjoy this anymore, sry)