TAY: What is the deal w/ these 3 C-BO releases?

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Jul 18, 2005
- The Lost Sessions (2004)
- Desert Eagle (2002)
- C-Bo's Bulletproof (2007)

I know The Lost Sessions and Desert Eagle both have VERY similar tracklistings. It looks like at least 10 of 12 songs on Desert Eagle are on Lost Sessions. I was wondering if one of the two was the WCM "official" album or if there was one that Bo would see $$$ on? I'm not sure where the songs are from but Mike Mosleys name is on both of those.

I have no idea what Bulletproof is, although I'm guessing its just a collection bc the last song Just Crippin (w/ DAZ) is from Enemy of the State, right? But i have no clue where some of those songs come from - is any of it new/unreleased material or is it just record companies trying to make $$$ off BO's name?
Hoping tay sees this! Thanks