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    New Album On One and Anawim - The Niche

    Any and all input welcome. Featuring Black Mikey, C.Ray (Brainsick), Shao Sosa and Juan Gambino. On One and Anawim | The Niche | CD Baby Music Store
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    appreciate it, my dude!:chinese:
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    Messy Marv song about stinky people??

    I forgot the name of this track, any one remember the title?? wanna share it with my son! hahaha
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    Messy Marv in Reno

    hahaha bad one!
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    Weidman vs Silva II predictions.

    Since the smoke has cleared and possibly the most dominate fighter in the world ever has been dethroned, how do you see the rematch going?? the same or do you think silva will have something to prove and make quick work of Weidman?? Chris Weidman-Anderson Silva rematch to headline UFC 168 -...
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    Added a bunch of new beats.

    have a pretty wide variety.
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    looking for exclusive beats? super good prices!

    Let me know:siccness:
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    common smashing drake again !

    repost feel free to delete murked him on a remix of his song with ross spits the 3rd verse
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    anawim and on one reverb nation page

    just started new page yes its general hip hop check it out .. feed back appreciated
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    put up a reverb nation page finally

    check it out thanx
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    wirting it down as it comes 2 me

    i write merciless verses cursin in 3rd person/ thirstin for blood in my ink pen i prefer cursive/ my lines perversive like jerkin gerkin to hot nurses/ the grinds murder like vice verca the grind hurt cha/ full bully bred stafforshire lock jaw/ beatin off to morgue pictures just to get my rocks...
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    can anyone get psd dot mae mp3 'radio show'

    can anyone get psd dot mae mp3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- preferable edited got a radio show next week planned on playing it
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    swooped that new wax nfes 3 'dope'

    but........not diggin some of the beats picked alot of em sound like your typical southern joints that er body is rappin on now but its livable just beacuse the caliber of lyricist wax is!! thus far black diamond, dont look back, prosper and ugly are my fav joints!!! also all the features on the...
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    is therapy the only song phonk beta did on chs

    i was pretty excited then i was like uhh not so much i do like the piano roll and the bass hella though
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    anyone have mr doctor leavin em with no clue?

    dont know if it has been asked about on here has anyone heard it or have it??