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  1. Likwid

    Legit online pharmacies?

    Were you the dude that got tricked trying to buy shit on here hella years ago?
  2. Likwid

    Howard Stern Appreciation Thread

    Who the fuck knows about 'Steak for two, for one'? shit I just realized @Hood Rat Matt posted a video about the steak. I wanted to throw out some obscure references.
  3. Likwid

    What do you do for a living?

    Shit, a wedding planned by @cheeto would be dope as fuck. Tacos, sopes, pinatas, Groomsmen wearing Fubu, brides maids wearing red bandanna gear from Big Tones shop.
  4. Likwid

    How many years has it been now?

    I've spent so much of my free time on this shit. Hella hours where I should have been studying or working. It was worth every minute brehs. Shoutout to the fubu mobb, snake gang, and @emma .
  5. Likwid

    Best post in sicc history

    I forgot about that one lmfao but it was a separate pic. This one replaced the lighters with chrome dildos.
  6. Likwid

    Best post in sicc history

    Can I nominate my Berner / Jacka Drought Season dildo photoshop post? @Chree you got that shit breh?
  7. Likwid

    Video of Killa Tay getting punked

    Did you mean Likwid? LOL that's the first time I've ever been accused of being someone else.
  8. Likwid


    I wonder how Ernie is taking all of this Davina drama @Chree
  9. Likwid


    LOL that shit was funny, Ill give myself a golf clap for that!
  10. Likwid

    what happened to mrtonguetwista?

    He's friends with @bigchree on PS4, I sent him a friend request but he never responded. Fuck that nigga.
  11. Likwid

    A Wax ft Frenchie (Brick Squad) - Crocodile Dundee

    Goes hard, @DUTCH-F.E. I know you've probably responded to this a million times, but when is the next release?
  12. Likwid


    @reece loc is this your new album? Just came across this on my google music feed and I'm about to check it out while I catch up on some work.
  13. Likwid

    INSTAGRAM? - who's on it?

    I haven't really IG'd in a minute but man I swear @S.SAVAGE you ain't lyin'! One day it might be an ass with marker all over it. Then the next day its a grill out. Classic shit @cheeto
  14. Likwid

    INSTAGRAM? - who's on it?

    I know who you are breh i've made posts in references to your IG breh goon!
  15. Likwid


    @butcher Artie years on the stern show were the best IMO. Not a top tier standup but he complemented the show well