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    PeteDogge ( Petos )

    Good lookin out everyone! He's definitely excited about being able to hear back from you.
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    PeteDogge ( Petos )

    CG! Man it's been too long! How you been bro?
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    PeteDogge ( Petos )

    What up everybody! If any of you cats still remember our fellow siccness member PeteDogge (World Leage Records), he wanted me to send out a message to you. He's been doing really good, keeping his faith and fighting his case. He's finally been moved to a camp facility. Huge difference compared...
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    Another KC Rapper Shot Dead

    I'm hella depressed. All of this has just been surreal. JP is my boy, shit we grew up together. It's a sad time not only for all the family, but everyone in the community. JP was such a good-hearted person who lived life to the fullest and was always there to help you out. He always had a smile...
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    Best Songs Reppin' KC?

    sent u midwest connect and kc's raw
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    Best Songs Reppin' KC?

    Tension - Kansas City (World League Records brings you The Associates) Check your email.
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    Message to JLMACN

    Fuck JL! He cut me in line at el taconazo and bought the last barbacoa taco! :hurt:
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    John MuthaF**kin Rambo! ColXeVm-gxY
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    Message from Petedogge (Petos)

    Deadline's coming up! Anyone who is still interested in submitting a track get at me ASAP!
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    Need help finding video!! (involves slow folk at a concert)

    Does anyone remember the video of a hard rock concert with slow people? It had them all dancing and one of the chaperone's was moving one of the folks in a wheel chair side to side dancing to the music? I can't find it anywhere!
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    Beezy getting into the shower
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    he also lived in kc for some time i believe
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    Message from Petedogge (Petos)

    Good lookin out fam!
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    Midwest Myspace Pages...

    World League Camp My Page/Krazy Creationz Graphics The Associates/World League Records R.E.S. Blue Chip aka Krystyle