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  1. KillaKali

    Primetime D.A Stunna

    Not many artists within the new wave of the region have caught my attention for some years but this dudes style is raw. Been listening to his latest "Thug Cry" and its all flames. A solid look for San Jose.
  2. KillaKali

    SouthEast Dego

    Looking for this mp3 by (I believe he went by) Geelo? Can any one lace this?
  3. KillaKali

    Hybrid cars capable with sound systems?

    Is it even possible? I have a Hybrid Prius I'm wanting to throw a little something in there. Probably a 15 inch Kicker sub.
  4. KillaKali

    Worldly/Eastern religion documentary? (Help needed)

    So i'm looking for a 1 word documentary I had seen about 5 yrs ago in H/s. This was a well budget film to show different eastern religion practices. It wasnt really based upon anything factual with a narrator speaking thru the segments. They'd show a particular group of religion followers in a...
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    Tony Parker Loyalty Rating in 2k11 goes to 0 for sexualness with barrys wife Tony Parker's Ratings Get A Timely Adjustment In NBA 2K11 :siccness:
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    1990's mitsubishi cars?

    I hear it's common for ^^ cars to make that "tick, tick, tick, tick" sound, mine makes it once I start the engine, and after I let it heat up for a while. When i step on the gas when its not all that heated up, it makes more of a grinding sound along with a tick as i press the gas pedal. usually...
  7. KillaKali

    11 Year Old Damon Harge... #1 Ranked 6th Grade Point guard in the Country

    little mans gna be somethin serious when he gets a little older. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  8. KillaKali

    Why does this always seem to be the case?

    On my sig. considering we're on (siccness), a collective discussion board which shows this happening all the time. edit: "People are most persuaded by arguments to which the majority agree"
  9. KillaKali

    Clyde Carson Thread

    not feeling the song, but it's cool. I think that so hot with young dru with some good production would be a good look to throw online.
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    Countries going bankrupt now

    We've seen the attempts to focus on Greece lately in the media, but that's clearly the tip of the iceberg. Looks like Spain is next with a whole bailout fuss... we're gonna start seeing countries "bailout" due to the debts and it will eventually raise concerns here (U.S.) til we realize the huge...
  11. KillaKali

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION = reverse psychology

    Illegal immigration is reverse psychology for keeping the mice (us) in the cage before we try & skatter ourselfs (why would we do that, right?) but most of us wouldnt know that because we think we'll always have what we have because we live where we live so we talk our shit. but What goes up...
  12. KillaKali

    Scientists discover first multicellular life that doesn't need oxygen

    got this somewhere else but thought it was worth posting and lacin' the folks here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The discovery of the new species, which live buried in sediment under the Mediterranean seafloor, is significant in that...
  13. KillaKali

    18+ functions in BAY AREA for NYE?

    Anyone know anything poppin' for the 18+???
  14. KillaKali

    any thoughts on the prophecy

    by our ancestors (below on my sig)? Not meaning this in NO harm, just askin.
  15. KillaKali

    If you get high, you have a mental disorder!

    j/k fellow herbavores... i come in harmony with the dojerp. according to this video though, if & when you get high, your "high" is labeled as a mental disorder. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...