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    Damn the good weather killings have already started.

    Maybe the idiots could quit trying to be gangsta, set their image aside, fight like real men, and walk away when it's over when it gets warm enough for them to venture outside??? There's a reason "urban" clubs don't stay open and that's because these morons shoot each other instead of just...
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    hotels near the united center in chicago..

    You can almost always get the Hyatt Regency downtown for $55 to $60 a night plus tax by pricelining the Millennium Park, Loop, Grant Park Zone. We just got it for two nights at $55 a night over Spring Break on priceline.
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    Do you have the ability to set up world tours and break an artist? Can you list some acts that you have been responsible for?
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    When is KC gonna get off of the Bay nutz???

    For some reason rappers perpetually base all of their numbers off of $10 a CD, so I am guessing they go into 7th Heaven and say I need $10 a disc, and the consumer gets an $18ish retail price.
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    B Double E - Red & Blue Video

    I don't know if he moved back, but Sawyer was living in KCMO.
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    In The D Documentary

    All I know is that it's so cold in the D.
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    Video blows.
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    New Years

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    New C-Mob album available now!!!

    The first wave of promo is shipping this week so if you are trying to be a part of this movement make sure and reach out to me.
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    Donta' Slusha - "Roundtopp Finest" Available Now!

    I'm a be sending out stacks of this CD to all people street teaming for us this week.
  11. Heat Myser

    Donta Slusha - Roundtopp Finest Now available on!

    I'm a be sending out stacks of this CD to all people street teaming for us this week.
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    Hot Or Not

    Yeah...I love that track.
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    Hot Or Not

    I still bump that "Oh My God" song from time to that track.
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    Hot Or Not

    Ducoh has some hard ass tracks, but this is just not the business to me.
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    New C-Mob album available now!!!

    We appreciate all the support...everyone spread the word about the Best Buy release. Help us make this a success!