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    Finally Tech and Krizz come to Hawaii

    Writing this from the Republik club lounge in Honolulu, before the show. So, I showed up for the barely advertised meet and greet for military (maybe I am just too busy with life) and there is a surprisingly decent line waiting to meet tech. I get to the front and my names not on the list, the...
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    Relocated to Colorado Springs, Who's Out Here?

    Its been a hectic the last six months, I moved to CO, working a new job but its slowin down now. Back in MO i used to kick w/ LDS, Ant, and rmillerspacers, So now im trying to locate the denver forum goers to kick it and drink with before the shows
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    Strange scroll image

    Whats up, Im tring to find a image of a Strage music graphic, like the scroll type that they used for a while on some of the clothing, using it to cut a decal for my cars windshield, help me out. I typed in haste, sorry
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    Snake and Bat image wanted!

    does anyone have a collection of Strange Music logos or images, Im looking for a decent quality snake and bat logo that has clean lines and is one solid color. I have a vinyle sticker maker, any other cool strange or tech bitmaps would help
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    This board is in desperate need of active moderators, There are too many bullsh%^ threads being spawned and regenerated, I have been on the forum a lot recently but have not seen any moderation being done. L.D.S is a prime candidate for a moderator, he is on the forum as much as anyone else I...
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    Question to all the Knights and Nobles???

    I have been active on this forum since nov 06 but have only posted a little over 100 times. I attribute this to the fact that I am Married w/ children and I am Active Duty Army. My question is not meant as an insult in any way but How in the hell can you guys get that many posts in that short of...
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    Fire and Ice tour (Springfield, MO)

    Ive listened to tech for a long time. now i live in missouri and i want to go to my first tech show but i am unable to find where to buy tickets for the springfield show. Any advice?
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    Im out here in Iraq trying to spread the VIRUS, and all of the sudden an analogy popped in my head. The hip-hop culture based around MTV reminds me of a pond full of schools of fish that have been eatin the same bullshit and there happy with it, and im havin a hard time findin the right TECH...
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    Top 50 Tech sales are in! check it hes on the top 50
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    Here's how Tech can come to Iraq

    In another thread tech wrote that he would love to come out to Iraq to put on a show for the troops. It shouldnt be hard for him to get booked cause the list of artists in the hip-hop/R&B/Rap category is short and is full of only 4 unknown artists. Here is the link...