Finally Tech and Krizz come to Hawaii

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Nov 5, 2006
Writing this from the Republik club lounge in Honolulu, before the show. So, I showed up for the barely advertised meet and greet for military (maybe I am just too busy with life) and there is a surprisingly decent line waiting to meet tech. I get to the front and my names not on the list, the dude is about to shoo me away and I see my name hand writen at the bottom (thanks Jed; I assume) This is weird for me; I don't remember this vibe since MO in 08'. Ive been In the military ever since I dicovered tech in July of 2001 when I was on vacation after basic. I must first say "gigantic props" to tech and strange for doing a meet and greet to honor veterans out here. I've got to kick it with tech twice before in Springfield with L.D.S and now because of this meet and greet because he, trav, and all of strange have a huge respect for the sacrifices of our military. I doubt the majority of those in line would have ever had the oppurtunity to meet and take pics with tech and Krizz. There are so many younger people here; I feel like a dinosaur. I know Siccness isn't the hotspot anymore but I'd rather post this opinion to those who've been around before strangeland was built. More to follow about the show. I have no idea who the openers are.
Shout out to L.D.S for sending some good words to Hawaii.
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Nov 4, 2005
Live there and go to the public schools, everyone gets segregated to their own color by how the Hawaiians and Samoans act there. Its bad, at least it was when I was there. Lived there for 3 years, middle school into high school. One ill memory I have is the Hawaiians got onto the roof of the building at the school and had water balloons full of white paint and started throwing them down at all the white people. School security stood there and laughed at the whole matter. Fuck that place.


The Bakersman
Aug 14, 2006
Casey climbed up into the sound/light booth, drunk as fuck, and watched the show with the engineer. The engineer never asked Casey who he was, or why he was sitting in the booth.

The sound/light booth sits in the center of the venue and is elevated a few feet above the stage. Casey kept sending me pictures of his view, which was an amazing viewpoint to watch a show.