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    A-Wax Mixtapes

    How got links for A-wax's Mixtapes: Rat Poison's, NFES' and any other recommended slappers
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    Huss Song

    When huss got out there was a song he did wit dat whole jamaican voice thang goin on. Da chorus went somethin like "dem neva gonna live again"(x2) i've been lookin for it for a minute now, can someone post it or tell me da name and what it's off of. Thanks in advance
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    Pray for Key Loom

    I want everybody to pray for da homie Key Loom, cuzz got hit like 5 times last nite. He's in critical condition, but i just heard not that long ago that he might be stable now. Either way pray for him to make a speedy recovery and cop my niggs shit, he got like 3 projects droppin' bacc to bacc
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    brotha lynch tracc

    On Lynch By Inch: Suicide Note the tracc/scene "Gun Runner" what is da tracc playing in da baccground and what album is it off of? And for those who aint got da tracc it's Phonk Beta goin something like " shiesty ass bitches make my skin crawl, shiesty ass bitches make my skin crawl, shiesty...
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    Mitchy Slicc and Damu

    I just saw da thread about they old albums together and it made me think bacc on something i saw a while ago that said they was suppossed to ce droppin another album sometime in da future. I tried to google it but didint find shit, anyone else no what da fucc im talkin bout and if so whats it...
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    keak video shoot

    who all went to da video shoot? it was originally supposed to be at autobahns on florin and it was, but it got shut down and relocated to dimples in da north. a couples heads showed up from what i saw... Bueno, Goldie from da federation, Lace Leno, Rupp dogg were there. When it got shut down i...
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    Da fucc is up wit da history chanel?!!!!

    Why the hell would the History Channel show 3 different episodes of Gangland at various times throughout the day and all 3 episodes are about the aryan brotherhood or some white supremacy bullshit? Come on now, it is only Blacc History Month and yes there is only 2 days left of the month but...
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    Lil Mitchy Slicc

    I read in post a while bacc from Mitchy Slicc that Lil Mitchy aint got da name no more. What happened to cuzz? Is he still rappin' and runnin' wit Wrongkind under a different name or is he just out da loop. If so to bad for him cuzz dem niggaz is blowin' up.
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    My girl is looking for a small dog preferably a Pomeranian or a Chihuahua. If anyone is selling one or giving one away or if you happen to know anyone that is please PM right away, the most we are willing to spend is $100. She is a big time animal lover so if there are any concerns that the pet...
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    How do y'all feel?

    I want to know how the real Nortenos feel when they hear other Nortenos specifically the new generation say the word "blood"? I grew up with a lot of Nortenos and to my understanding you guys are supposed to only say eNe or carnale. 'Cause of that misunderstanding when i was younger i used to...
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    Is this nigga still rappin? On his 2nd album (Knoc's landin') he said he was a damu. He never said from where tho. Who know where he from? Is he a reputable nigga from his hood cuz on his 1st album (L.A. Confidential, his best imo) all da features were Crips not one mu!!
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    i listen to norteno rap here and there and Woodie was one of my favorite norteno rappers. i wanted to know what was the story behind his death and if he was funkin' with anyone before he died. Oh yeah what are some of his best songs/albums?
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    sidewayz, cherry chucc gang, wrongkind

    Da first time i ever heard of sidewayz (da sidaz) was on luni coleone's anger management album, and them niggaz was dumb ass dope, now i've been listening to mitchy slicc's music on and off fa like da past 5 years give or take, through him i heard of wrongkind and they sicc too. As for cherry...
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    x-raided soundin like Pac?

    Is it just me or did X come off a lil PACish on the Eternally unforgiven project. not his verses or anything but i mean his style and pronounciation. while listening to the cd i kept being reminded of pac. anybody else get that?
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    mess and san quinn

    i kno its kinda of old but da funk between da boy mess and da mighty quinn seems fake to me . if u think bout it both these niggaz goin bacc in fourth sayin u a bitch, u snitchin, u fake and sum otha shit. if this is all true and they both knew dis shit about da otha 1 why is this all barely...