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  • Whats up bro when r u going to be online so we can do some heists. Lets hook up and make some cash. Im about to go buy ah mic.
    Mayn that NOVA Bitch!!!!whats up wit that fool thinking its cool to kill me on GTA? Anyways you know any Mods on GTA, Im lucky enouph I ran into 1 and we chopped it up and he hella hooks me up wit phat cash, like 500K every day so I don't gatta trip on missions anymore. I spend more time in "free roam" and fuck around there more. Im about to pull out my tank and drive that bitch into NOVA'S ass!
    sup Cash that was me on GTA5 "JVS", I think I lagged out when we were playing cuz I was downloading the UFC event. nxt time we meet we need to make some money on RoofTop Rumble,I don't have the mission tho. Do you have it?
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