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    Free tweeker art....

  2. azryda420

    paypal refund? anybody been through this?

    So here's the story. I bought 2 tattoo machines off ebay last month. When I got it, it was missing two metal tubes, missing certain size needles, and the foot pedal was this plain black one instead of the yin yang design one on my auction. 4 days after I bought the item with "buy it now" I...
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    **NEW** Alice In Chains - A Looking In View

    Dope news. AIC is the muthafuckin shiznit. I got every album and always have. Whos singing now? is it just jery catrell? he did vocals before. like on heaven beside you and shit. layne and jerry always both did vocals. The song sounds like jerry cantrell is dubbed over the lead singer...
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    Young Droop, CBO Lynch Mr Doctor G-Pack ETC

    Cd's only. No cases. Some have been disc doctored. All play fine except the Brotha Lynch LOADED cd. I wand to sell all of these as one group and will take offers. Thanks.
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    Vertigo Tracklisting???

    I found my old cd r with the unreleased vertigo cd on it and ripped it and need the song names. ? anyone know?
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    My Bay Are Rap Collection

    Peep it out folks.
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    My Bay Area CD Collection on eBay

    They gotta go. Peace
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    My Tech N9ne KC Rap on eBay

    Got these detroit ones too. I think the d-12 "shit on you" is a good one to snatch up.
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    My Souther California Rap Collection On eBay

    Peep it out folks. Thanks.
  10. azryda420

    My Tech N9ne KC Rap on eBay

    A few goodies in there. Peep em out.
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    Hey Tomato Boy

    Where did all your threads go ? lol Did Spice finally punk you in your ass? hahahahahah
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    I've heard of getting an email with a virus but ...... OUCH! lol
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    Tech N9ne Holloween costume.

    Well I'm not black and im way to tall to pull it off. I'm sure some of you would like to be tech for halloween though and this is perfect...
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    I thought these were pretty wild. We should start with one pic and keep increasing the hieght of it and make a siccness scroll. Ill start a new thread for this unless someone else wants to. We should do it like the siccness add-to that is in...
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    ain't it some shit when.....

    You start a new job, and you meet a fine ass bitch who is like 18 and you're 27 and then you find out she's pregnant. Fuck that! I gotta watch this fine ass bitch get fat over the next nine months when I should be dickin' her down and beatin up them walls. Why the fuck does it happen...