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    Strange Fans Are Salty

    Hey look who finally got unbanned! Who'd you piss off this time?!
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    Why was Zero banned?

    I talked to you about that like three years ago @Mars lol Figured you forgot but i did my duty and hollered at ya. Hopefully he (Zer0) didnt think I just left him in the wind.
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    Eminem? It may finally be REAL.

    :siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness::siccness: long time no talk ya'll. dropped by to leave a belated x-mas gift to all the old School TechnIcians that...
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    Gift of Rap charity show

    Tech N9ne is doing yet another show in KC. This one is for charity though. Doing good for the city that raised him.
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    Prozak "Million Miles Away" Video off Paranormal
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    The Official Random Thought Thread

    LoL @ant_johnson_16 failing @ what he FAIL quoted in my fail thread. PS I need your Gamertag again kirbs, (If I ever had it)?
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    Tech N9ne's Hostile Takeover Tour

    Tech N9ne is getting ready to raise the Hip Hop bar even higher. We’re proud to announce that Tech N9ne’s “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour will be heading your way beginning March 2012! With 90 shows in 99 days, Tech N9ne will set the record for the longest Hip Hop tour ever done! So don’t miss your...
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    sig t3st (cuz im bangsta like that)

    AHHHHHH Come on fucking guy!
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    Tech gets a nod in an X-Raided interview

    Id copy/paste it but its been done as an image... The page hes mentioned The start of the interview. PS If you read this Rich, yall need to do a quick spell check/ grammar run through, quite a few...
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    Holy Shit Flesh N Bone's Blaze of glory is gonna be on some east 1999 stype shit!

    How can you tell the contents dark from a teaser video?
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    Wrong forum breh breh
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    Sucker Free Countdown(MTV2)

    I'm a little late, and as most of you that have any of the Tech N9ne media outlets added probably already know. Tech was the featured artist of MTV2's Sucker Free Countdown. I was actually surprised that the entire episode (2 hours long) was dedicated almost solely to him. Besides the videos...
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    BBC Commercial (Stupid Brit's)

    Saw this while watching the O.G. kitchen nightmare... Figured some of yall may get a kick out of seein it. Still not sure what the fucking point is, but it still had me like WTF. The marketer behind this is either smart as hell, or theyre serious and this is the strangest commercial ive seen...
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    OT:No More Phone Surfing

    And that means immmmm back! This post is ot as a mother fucker, but i figured id give you the heads up! Be on your p's and q's!